Releases & Remixes

comin soon: Down Low - Johnny B. (Steve Cypress Rework) (Shift Music)

März 2015: Menderes - Queen Of My Heart (Steve Cypress & N.Dre Parker Remix) (Pulsive Media)

Januar 2015: Steve Cypress ft. André Carswell - Think About U (Lickin' Records)

November 2014: Menderes - Beam Me Up (Steve Cypress & N.Dre Parker Remix) (Pulsive Media)

November 2014: Andrew Spencer ft. Pit Bailay - Faitale Gone Bad (Steve Cypress Remix) (Mental Madness)

Oktober 2014: Miami Reest - Mountain (Steve Cypress & N.Dre Parker Remix) (Pulsive Media)

August 2014: Steve Cypress - Move Ya Body (Lickin' Records)

August 2014: Tessa - Pick Me (Steve Cypress Remix) (A45 Music)

August 2014: Andy Funk - Hulk (Steve Cypress Remix) (Burning Beats)

Mai 2014: Steve Cypress - Move To Wonderland (Lickin' Records)

Mai 2014: Down Low - Friday Night (Steve Cypress Remix) (Shift Music)

April 2014: Chuck & Norris feat. E-Rockaz - World Without Music (Steve Cypress Remix)

April 2014: Miloud - Tellin' My Heart (Steve Cypress Remix) (Andorfine Music)

März 2014: Booty Jocks - You Should Be Dancing (Steve Cypress Remix) (Sounds United)

Februar 2014: Steve Cypress - Play It Loud (Lickin' Records)

Oktober 2013: Steve Cypress ft. Pit Bailay - Burn It Down (The Remixes) (Lickin' Records)

Oktober 2013: Steve Cypress ft. Pit Bailay - Burn It Down (Original) (Lickin' Records)

Sept. 2013: Cassey Doreen & Martin Sola - Paradise (Steve Cypress Rmx) (Glam. Rec.)

Mai 2013: Steve Cypress & Selecta ft. Latoya R. - Good Time (Lickin' Records)

April 2013: Cassey Doreen - Dreams (Steve Cypress Remix) (Glamara Rec.)

Februar 2013: Steve Cypress ft. Down Low & Rob Money - Party 2Night (Lickin‘ Records)

Releases & Remixes @ Fog Area Records

DJ Steve Cypress - The Rhythm
Tom-X vs. Steve Cypress - Let The Bass Kick
Bush - Cosmic Vibes / Forget The Past
Bush - Future
Bush - The Message
Bush - Testflight
Technomachine - Bassline
Technomachine vs. Tom-X - Dream Universe 2004
Technomachine - This is Trance
Technomachine - Dreaming / Everybody
Dee Mark - Seven Days & 1 Week (Technomachine Rmx)
Sluts 'N Strings & 909 - In Your Pretty Face

Remixes @ Pulsive Media Records

Starfunk - Stupid Games
Gee Rossi - Give Me Some More
Orion Too - You & Me
Heaven's Cry - Till Tears Do Us Apart
Carma - You're Not Mine
Mystral - Falling Star (Cherish 2002)

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